To ensure that impacts can be documented, they need to be tracked.

With FLEX, our mission is to provide the individual user the opportunity to use cutting-edge technology to monitor their performance in the weights room by providing real-time, validated data to compare themselves on, creating a sense of accountability which will ultimately encourage activity.”


For 15 years, we have provided industry leading performance measurement devices for the weights room. GymAware has helped hundreds of elite sporting teams and institutions and has become the gold standard in monitoring performance.

Like GymAware, FLEX is backed by a dedicated team of individuals and like minded humans.

From the DNA of GymAware comes FLEX – a game changer for the individual athlete.

About FLEX

Evan Lawton

Heather Lawton

Kinetic Performance Technology (KPT) is an Australian company that was established in 2002. The company developed GymAware – a LPT (Linear Positioning Transducer) that was designed specifically for measuring the performance of athletes in the weight room.

Designed and manufactured in Australia and validated by the Australian Institute of Sport, GymAware is used by elite sporting teams, professional clubs and institutions all over the world. The company’s success is reflective in its extensive clientele, which includes the Golden State Warriors, Oakland Raiders, Manchester United, NZ All Blacks, Boston Red Sox as well as the Australian, English, Scottish and Dutch Institutes of Sport.

Kinetic Performance is ready to bring to the consumer an alternative to GymAware – FLEX. This wireless version of GymAware makes performance monitoring in the weights room affordable to the individual user.

Whereas GymAware was designed for these of elite teams,  FLEX is focused on the needs of individual athletes, providing precise and reliable performance data in real-time.


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