Velocity Based Training (VBT) gives you clear insight into how you’re lifting, not just what you’re lifting. You can base any training decisions off of velocity and either supplement or replace other programming methods. 


With FLEX, you’ll access objective metrics that mean you never have to guess again.

  • VBT is as effective for training for power, strength, hypertrophy or speed and has been used in the weights rooms of pro and olympic athletes for decades.
  • Using FLEX to measure velocity also gives you immediate feedback while you lift, which can narrow your focus and amplify your performance.
  • Any training decision can be managed objectively with velocity – set training zones, dictate session intensity, prescribe fatigue limits and program short and long term cycles. Anything you can do with percentage based programming you can do with more precision once you have access to objective measures.
  • Track and store every single rep. A comprehensive training log is automatically stored and can be reviewed at any time. Drill down and analyse power, velocity, range of motion and even review technique with bar path tracking. Pull back for an overviews of your training over time. FLEX even sends you monthly progress reports, so you can view trends and see if you’re improving on a monthly basis.
  • FLEX is highly precise. Our laser optic technology makes it the most accurate VBT device under $500USD. This means we can catch every rep and are extremely accurate at both high and low speeds. 
  • FLEX measures a range of different metrics including the mean and peak for both velocity and power, distance (great for checking range of motion), height (perfect for jump testing), bar position and bar path (invaluable insights into your technique).


FLEX unlocks a world of convenience and analytics. Every rep is counted automatically, every set is reviewable and all your sessions are stored with detailed breakdowns in your personal training log. All metrics are on review in between every set and at any time after you’re done.

  • A comprehensive training log of data is automatically stored and reviewable at any time.
  • Drill down into your personal lifting history to analyse power, velocity, range of motion and review technique indicators.
  • Your full History of data is stored right on your phone. Review any lift, set or session whenever you need it.
  • The system is designed to be as touch free as possible. Automatically detect the start and finish of every set, no need to press start or stop.
  • Create workouts to follow and automate your session with preloaded reps, sets, weights and exercises.


Visual or verbal velocity feedback during strength training can help improve, enhance performance and boost competitiveness. (1, 3, 4, 5). With an objective metric you can optimise training decisions and dial in loads to target your training goals. Using velocity to control load can deliver better results from a training program than a percentage based program, and with less volume (2). Control training quality, fatigue, and perception of effort by applying velocity cut off points. This allows for greater improvement in strength, power and muscle mass than compared to following a set number of reps (6). Any training decision can be managed objectively with velocity – set training zones and dictate session intensity, control fatigue and program short and long term cycles far into the future with confidence. Anything you can do with percentage based programming you can do with more precision once you have a reliable objective measure.


  • Get audible and visual feedback from the FLEX App.
  • FLEX is accurate and reliable, so it can be trusted when it detects small changes in performance.
  • Use FLEX to auto-regulate load depending on the objective feedback you receive.


There’s a very neat relationship between load and velocity. As the weight gets heavier, you lift slower. This critical relationship is linear for everyone, but is still unique to every individual and every exercise. This concept can seem daunting at first, but it’s a simple idea that is enormously effective for ensuring your training isn’t just on point, but is perfectly on point for YOU.

  • Velocity reveals insights into your unique physiology and readiness for training. Training load and volume can be set in tune with your individual requirements and day-to-day physical status.
  • Autoregulate by using velocity as an objective measure to tell you if you’re hitting your targets. Don’t guess. Don’t grind out mindlessly. If your velocity isn’t on target, make adjustments and be confident you’re making gains.
  • The relationship between velocity and load is linear, which means a series of sub-maximal lifts can be used estimate your 1RM. Use these sub-maximal 1RM estimates to test strength, monitor conditioning thorough a season or check training readiness without generating any significant training impact. 
  • Use FLEX’s short protocols to estimate your current 1RM on Back Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press.


An automated, digital training log offers up a unique set of opportunities a paper journal can never match. FLEX’s social platform, Community, lets friends compare and compete over their favorite lifts and workouts. Follow role models and high performers and drill down into their session data  for insights into how they get the job done. And if you’re a coach, your athlete’s data is available immediately after they’re done, without the need for exports or email.

  • Access a unique social platform for lifters and athletes based around FLEX’s trusted data.
  • Scroll through and drill down to see your friends workouts as soon as they’re done.
  • Give them encouragement with a Fist Bump, or get some banter going by commenting on their workout.
  • Give your coach or personal trainer a chance to view your performances and give you direct feedback.
  • Share photos of your facility, setup or the aftermath of your workout to personalise your social feed.

Validated. No Strings Attached.

Implement  VBT with technology that won’t miss reps or spit out dubious readings. FLEX has been validated as one of the world’s most accurate consumer focused VBT devices and is brought to you by the team behind GymAware, long regarded as the ‘rolls royce’ of VBT products. Our laser optic technology is as precise as it gets, no strings attached.

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