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    The world's most advanced barbell performance training tool. FLEX measures lift performance and gives powerful real-time feedback through your iPad or iPhone*. Measure Velocity - Track Your Progress - Compare Results FLEX Sensor* kit includes:
    • FLEX Sensor
    • Micro USB Charging Cable
    • Reflective mat
    • 12 month warranty
    • Free App Download
    * Optimised for iPhone
    Android version coming soon. We accept PayPal, VISA and MASTERCARD Please note: The receiver/purchaser is responsible for any import duties, customs, clearances, tariffs or taxes that they may incur at the destination.
  • ClutchIt

    The ClutchIt is a double sided magnetic phone mount. It has a patent-pending revolutionary design which allows for 100 degrees of flexibility. Product specs: Weight: 182.5 grams Height 3.25 inches Width 1.5 inches Pivot movement 100 degrees
  • NOTE ** The reflective mat comes FREE with your FLEX device purchase. ** The mat is required for optimal accuracy. The mat can be rolled or folded and is made of neoprene, similar to the thickness of a light yoga mat. Utilise the mat silver side up and align it with the position marks. Learn more at flexstronger.zendesk.com Rolls out to - 120cm x 32cm (4f x 1f) when laid flat
  • Available to existing GymAware Cloud customers only. Enable FLEX devices to be tracked within your GymAware Cloud account. Following your purchase you will receive an activation email to the account listed within the GymAware system. ANNUAL LICENSE
  • FLEX Tshirt

    FLEX Stronger t-shirt Front and back printing, super soft tshirt.
  • Travel anywhere with the knowledge that your FLEX device is safe and secure. This high quality, waterproof EVA carry case provides the ultimate protection for your FLEX device. Custom made to provide the perfect fit.