Alex Sauve is the co-owner of AK PERFORMANCE CLUB in Edmonton, Alberta. Founded in January 2018, AK PERFORMANCE CLUB is a high quality performance center for athletes and general public alike. Alex has many years of training, personal training and fitness experience he shares with clients in Edmonton and the surrounding area.

As our athletic program at AK PERFORMANCE CLUB developed we realized we needed more data reference points for our athletes. We felt that showing our clients in real-time what they were doing with the weight on a barbell was not only going to be educational but also keep our athletes competitive and interested in their workout.    

We looked at many different products but FLEX was by far the best-reviewed product for the price. We purchased our first FLEX unit in March 2021 and quickly purchased another as we saw how much it helped our athletic development references. We are now in our 6th month with FLEX and absolutely love the app. It’s easy to use and constantly updated.

Our main focus with Velocity Based Training is showing athletes the difference in what a power movement should feel like and the speed it should travel at compared to the speed of absolute strength or a high-end velocity zone. We find young lifters especially get great value from this because the data is right in front of them telling them if they are going too heavy or too light.  

The other thing that is great is showing them their improvements over a training block. The athlete can see that they are keeping the bar moving at a certain weight at certain speeds for specific sets and repetitions, and then look back on their previous lifts and see how much they have improved in terms of movement per second, distance, power output etc.  The lift is saved at the end of each session and easily exported to our, or the client’s, email to review. Just another feature that makes this such an effective tool.  

If you’re looking to find an affordable, consistent, easy to use VBT device, we at AK PERFORMANCE highly recommend this device.  Our athletes have become more aware and have more fun. We actually get asked by the clients if we are using the FLEX as it keeps the workout honest for lifting zone speeds and can keep it competitive between athletes in certain workouts. Our facility hopes to have as many of these as possible.

From all of us at AK PERFORMANCE