What’s new in the latest FLEX App version?
FLEX v1.10 is available now;

This is one of our biggest updates so far! If you’re someone that likes to record your lifts, well then we’ve got news for you.

FLEX now allows users to record and save videos locally within the App!!

Easily export, email, text or share to socials with our latest sharing options.

This is a great addition for remote coaches who require videos from their athletes. Coaches will be able to check their technique, observe barbell position, velocity, power, distance or bar path.


The VIDEO FUNCTION includes a stack of awesome features like;

– A choice of 4 different data overlay templates.

– IMMEDIATE REPLAY, via a new swipe screens in review.

– A new swipe screen with a list of sets done with video record enabled. Users can REPLAY or EDITvideo from here.

– A new MEDIA MANAGER section has been added under the user profile section. Delete unwanted videos, Filter and group videos, select and export + TRIM Tools are all located here.

– Users won’t have to worry about saving videos between sets. Videos are save directly into your HISTORY. Review todays lifts or scroll back a month or more and check out your form from previously recorded sessions.


Users will now experience Lightning FAST LOGIN. With history items now being loaded only as required. This should be most noticeable for users that hammer their FLEX sensors with multiple sessions every day!


We also worked hard to improve the already accurate 1RM PREDICTIVE PROTOCOL.

Users will notice improved flexibility and options to lift additional sets should you feel comfortable. These improvements will increase the accuracy of your prediction.


A new BUDDY MODE progress screen has been added, which highlights a noticeable change between athletes when transitioning between sets.

Buddy mode now includes GUEST MODE option. TRAIN and record data with a buddy that doesn’t have a FLEX account.

It couldn’t be easier, Just enter their email address and you’re set.


Users can now share a primary template in the community section, your friends will see this template when scrolling through their feed without having to drill into the session.


A new, mat check prompt will alert the user if the signal from FLEX is poor. Typically this is when users don’t position the reflective mat correctly. The system will now give tips on placement and positioning. This feature will help ensure you’re getting the most accurate data possible!

iOS 14

Updates specific for iOS14

Improved stability and efficiency improvements