FLEX App Update – Workout Builder (v1.11.1)

You can now create your own custom Workouts directly in the latest FLEX App Update. Our powerful Workout Builder is packed full of options.
  • Add custom BLOCKS to segment Workouts (like warmups, working sets and cool downs).
  • Quickly add exercises and duplicate or remove sets.
  • Create supersets and circuits by linking exercises
  • Manage rounds and add inter-round rest breaks
  • Bulk update reps, load and targets for exercises with blocks.
  • Drag and drop functionality means you can instantly switch your program around.
  • Prescribe load using kg/lbs or %1RM
  • New 1RM library allows you to enter custom 1RMs for any exercise.
  • ‘Save’ completed training sessions and build them out with the new Workout Builder

FLEX App Update (V1.11.1)

Did you know FLEX allows you to save any session you have completed as a template?

Sharing Workouts

Share your custom Workouts with your athletes or friends in the FLEX Community. They’ll be able to download the Workout direct from their Community feed and store it in their own library.

Download Workouts

Looking for inspiration? Browse your Community feed and download new workouts into your own library. When launching downloaded workouts you can set targets based on your friend’s results. Make sure you leave a message in Community to let them know you’ve taken on the challenge.

SKIPPING SETS and your updated Progress Screen

If following a Workout in FLEX, you have an updated progress screen with a sexy progress bar, completion indications against each set and the ability to SKIP sets.

Resume Feature

Has something gone wrong? Our new resume feature lets you return to regular training sessions, Workouts and 1RM predictions if your session is cut short for any reason.

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